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ABBA live 1970-1982

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Books used as sources for this site.

  • 50px-ABBAABBA (German edition) by Christer Borg
    Bastei-Lübbe Verlag, 1978 (out of print) | paperback, 222 pages
includes chapters about the tours until 1977
  • 50px-CRSABBA. The Complete Recording Sessions by Carl Magnus Palm
    Century 22 Limited, Pinewood Studios, 1994 (out of print) | hardcover, 128 pages
information about all recording sessions, including some bits about live performances and releases
  • 50px-GuideABBA. The Complete Guide To Their Music by Carl Magnus Palm
    Omnibus Press, 2005 | paperback, 126 pages
Review of all published songs, provides some information about the released live tracks..
  • 50px-BLDSLicht und Schatten by Carl Magnus Palm
    Bosworth Edition, 2005 | paperback, 638 pages
widely respected main ABBA biography (German version of Bright Lights, Dark Shadows)
  • 50pxBLDS14Bright Lights, Dark Shadows by Carl Magnus Palm
    Omnibus Press, 2014 | paperback, 600 pages
updated main ABBA biography
  • 50px-crscoverABBA. The Complete Recording Sessions. Revised and expanded edition by Carl Magnus Palm
    self-published, 2017 | hardcover / ebook, 448 pages
features updated and new information, additional chapters about accompanying facts and people
  • 50px-AsiamAs I Am. ABBA Before & Beyond by Agnetha Fältskog with Brita Åhman
    Virgin Publishing, 1997 (out of print) | hardcover, 160 pages
Agnetha telling about her career including several comments on concerts and touring..
  • 50px-BookABBA The Book by Jean-Marie Potiez
    Aurum Press, 2003 (out of print) | paperback, 264 pages
Pictures and trivia telling the ABBA story
  • 50px-ScrapbookABBA The Scrapbook by Jean-Marie Potiez
    Plexus Publishing, 2009 | paperback, 240 pages
 A colorful collection of pictures.
  • 50px-LegendeABBA Une légende nordique by Jean-Marie Potiez
    Édition Didier Carpentier, 2010 | paperback, 160 pages
Pictures and trivia telling the ABBA story in French.
  • 50px-HeilemannABBA. Fotografien 1974-1980 by Wolfgang Heilemann
    Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf, 2004) | hardcover, 512 pages (republished in 2011, 200 pages)
This book by one of ABBA's main photographers includes pictures of the tours 1974 and 1977 (German concerts) and 1979 (Edmonton and Los Angeles).
Authorized book with many photos and statements of the 1979 tour
  • 50px-TreasuresABBA Treasures by Elisabeth Vicentelli
    Omnibus Press, 2010 | hardcover in box, 172 pages
Features some reprinted tour memorabilia and some notes on the Sydney concerts,
apart from that not much regarding the tours.
  • 50px-AmericaABBA in America by Leif Schulman & Charles Hammarsten
    Premium Publishing, 2010 | hardcover, 160 pages
Reworked version of the Swedish book Succée på världs-scenen (1979). It's the only real tour book about ABBA, including many pictures and a diary with lots of details and anecdotes around the North American part of the tour 1979.
An extra chapter was added with pictures of the Japan tour 1980. Published also in Swedish.
  • 50px-OfficialABBA. Die ganze Geschichte in 600 Bildern by Petter Karlsson & others
    Stern Verlag, 2014 | hardcover, 400 pages
Features many tour pictures and also some comments on them by the ABBA members
Original title: ABBA – The Official Photo Book (various publishers and titles for several language editions)
  • 50px-StoriesABBA Backstage by Ingmarie Halling & Carl Magnus Palm
    Heel Verlag, 2014 (German edition) | hardcover in box, 80 pages
Includes facsimile items and personal memories from the ABBA members. German version of ABBA. The Backstage Stories, this book is available in various languages and under several  titles.

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