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  • 1979, September 13 – Edmonton (Canada)


    Edmonton, Northlands Coliseum

    Facts & trivia

    • Audience: 15,000 (sold out within three hours)
    • Begin: 20.00
    • Frida and Benny left Sweden on September 7 already as they wanted to be at the World Sailing Championships. Stig made a stop in New York. Agnetha, Björn and all others left on September 9 to arrive on the following day. Frida and Benny joined the flight inbetween. In Edmonton ABBA drove to the Four Seasons Hotel soon after their arrival on September 10 at 18.20 with Air Canada flight 216.
    • September 12: dress rehearsal of the full show
    • September 13: rehearsal after breakfast, at 18.00 ABBA left the hotel for the concert arena
    • Frida’s shirt for Why Did It Have To Be Me: Edmonton Oilers
    • Children choir for I Have A Dream: Knights of Columbus Columbian Choir (11 children)
    • Not Bad At All reportedly got a good reception.
    • The press conference at the hotel after the show was visited by 160 photographers and journalists. ABBA received gold and platinum records for their Canadian sales. After the press conference ABBA and their team had a party.

     Set list

    1. Introduction: Gammal fäbodpsalm
    2. Voulez-Vous
    3. If It Wasn’t For The Nights
    4. As Good As New
    5. Knowing Me, Knowing You
    6. Rock Me
    7. One Man, One Woman
    8. Not Bad At All
      (by Tomas Ledin, sung by Tomas Ledin & Mats Ronander with Agnetha & Frida joining the backing vocals)
    9. Chiquitita
    10. Money, Money, Money
    11. I Have A Dream (sung with local children’s choir)
    12. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
    13. SOS
    14. Fernando
    15. The Name Of The Game
    16. Eagle
    17. Thank You For The Music (sung with local children’s choir)
    18. Why Did It Have To Be Me
    19. Intermezzo no. 1
    20. I’m Still Alive
    21. Summer Night City
    22. Take A Chance On Me
    23. Does Your Mother Know
    24. Hole In Your Soul
    25. Encore – The Way Old Friends Do
    26. Encore – Dancing Queen

    This concert featured the only live performance of One Man, One Woman which afterwards was dropped for the rest of the tour. Saying is that this was done because the reception by the audience wasn’t as good as expected. However, there isn’t any known original ABBA statement regarding the reasons.

    Press reviews

    According to WEA Records representive Mike Pleau, the number of international rock writers now expected at the concert will be about 125. At least 20 will be from Sweden.
    Graham Hicks, Edmonton Entertainment Journal – September 11, 1979
    quoteThe voices of the band, Agnetha’s high sauciness combined with round, rich lower tones of Anni-Frid,
    were excellent… Technically perfect, melodically correct and always in perfect pitch… The soft lower voice of Anni-Frid and the high, edgy vocals of Agnetha were stunning.
    Edmonton Journal


    • A fan recording is said to exist and be available as bootleg (vinyl). If this is the truth, it seems very strange that nobody meanwhile made it freely available on the net somehow because most fans want to hear One Man One Woman live. Lots of other rarities have surfaced over the past years through Youtube for example. Anyway, the claimed track list:
      • Voulez Vous
      • Rock Me
      • One Man One Woman
      • Chiquitita
      • I Have A Dream
      • Gimme Gimme Gimme
      • The Name Of The Game
      • Eagle
      • I’m Still Alive
      • Intermezzo No. 1
      • Summer Night City
      • Take A Chance On Me
      • Does Your Mother Know
      • Hole In Your Soul
      • The Way Old Friends Do
      • Dancing Queen
      • Waterloo



  • 1979, September 15 – Vancouver (Canada)
  • 1979, September 17 – Seattle (USA)
  • 1979, September 18 – Portland (USA)
  • 1979, September 19 – San Francisco (USA)
  • 1979, September 21 – Los Angeles (USA)
  • 1979, September 22 – San Diego (USA)
  • 1979, September 23 – Tempe / Phoenix (USA)
  • 1979, September 24 – Las Vegas (USA)
  • 1979, September 26 – Omaha (USA)
  • 1979, September 27 – Minneapolis / St. Paul (USA)
  • 1979, September 29 – Milwaukee (USA)
  • 1979, September 30 – Chicago (USA)
  • 1979, October 2 – New York (USA)
  • 1979, October 3 – Boston (USA)
  • 1979, October 4 – Washington D.C. (USA), cancelled
  • 1979, October 6 – Montréal (Canada)
  • 1979, October 7 – Toronto (Canada)


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