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Tour preparations 1979

Preparation concerts

quoteWe tour so infrequently that we need to have a little warm up. Especially since we’re going to the United States where we’ve never been before and where we’re all a bit unsure of how the audience regards us: whether they are familiar with us or not. We really don’t know, so we need a little extra self-confidence as a stage act.
Benny in From ABBA to Mamma Mia!, p. 29
quoteWe were going out into the world and touring and wanted to test our material before a real audience. We had been working for some time in the studio and rehearsed well. But we had not played the songs live, or have met our audience. We wanted to know how the music would be received. It was both exciting and uncertain. But it must have gone well. We came in the off on our tours to the USA and Australia.
Benny according to Norrköpings Tidningar, April 25, 2016 (translated via Google)
  • 1979, May 18 – Landskrona (Sweden)


    Landskrona, Diskoland/Strandpaviljongen

    Facts & trivia

    • Audience: approx. 900 (capacity: 1,000)
    • ABBA sneaked in after a concert by Björn Skifs and his band.
    • Begin: around midnight
    • the news about the concert was rumored during the day, a record store had displayed a note announcing the concert, ABBA were not amused about that
    • “I was 23 years old and saw the concert with my brother and the band I played in then”, says Assam Bop. [...] “I was on the train from Växjö with my guitar when a man named Anders Hanser came to me wondering if I was playing in bands and if he was going to interview us. When we were separated at the station, he said that ‘you have to go to Strand tonight because something very special happens there’. Well, I thought, and did not feel right now. But the interview ended and the rumor of ABBA’s play had siphoned out to some people and then we got there.”
      Landskrona Direkt (Sweden), May 15, 2013
    • soundcheck in the afternoon at around 15.00
    • after-show party at the Hotel Öresund

    Set list

    Detailed information about the track list is not available. It's not clear how much of the final set list of the tour they played and if it was the same at each surprise concert. According to the articles linked below these songs were amongst them. The total number of songs is unknown.

    • Money, Money, Money
    • Dancing Queen
    • ‘new songs’


    • No recording is known to exist.


  • 1979, May 19 – Norrköping (Sweden)
  • 1979, August 10 - Stockholm (Polar studios)


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